What? Who? When? Why? Where? How?

During the later part of nineteenth century, when the Britishers were struggling hard for establishing their faith, they hatched many vicious plans 👿through Macaulay-Max Muller axis to malign the Vedas which were given to the whole human race by Lord Krsna (Vishnu). Along with other political plans to crush Indian nationalism, one of them was to misinterpret and distort the true spirit of Vedas and create confusion, suspicion and disrespect for them against their believers.😈 Britishers employed Max Muller for this nefarious task who dubiously shrewdly coined several new theories about the Vedas and Vedic literatures. Their biased and distorted literature on Vedas was constantly and repeatedly published from each and every possible platform during the British rule, and even today by people of vested interest, in the Theo political circles. And whatever diversity between Indian traditional and Western approach and its effect on Socio-religious-political system, we witness today, in India under the garb of secularism, is the result of that long term vicious planning and false propaganda by distortion and misinterpretation of Vedic texts.😳


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