Why should we become Krsna conscious?

Just to list a very few…

  • To improve our Memory, Concentration, Focus.
  • To purify our mind, to clean internally.
  • To get great control over senses easily.
  • Drastic increase in the confidence level.
  • To get rid of any bad habits.
  • To see the things as they are.
  • To be more alert, fresh, clever, agile always.
  • No to ignorance, fear of failure etc.
  • Great mental peace, strength.
  • On top of all these to remain happier than ever(and forever), this is the common denominator of every living entity…😆

To escalate from ‘Simply living, No thinking’ platform to “SIMPLE LIVING, HIGH THINKING” platform which was the Vedic style of living.😉

But how??
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