Are you desperate?

Once there was a young boy who went to Socrates seeking how he could be successful. Socrates told to meet him at the river bank the next day morning.

The two met at the river bank and Socrates asked the boy to join him to cross the river. The two walked across the river until the water level came till the neck of the boy. Immediately Socrates pulled the boy and drowned his head inside the water. The boy started suffocating. Socrates held him in water until the boy turned blue and released him out. The boy desperately took a long breath.

Socrates then asked, “What was man inside water for so long desperate for?”

The boy replied, “It’s the air”.

Socrates then told that if the boy had been desperate for success like he had been for air he would definitely be successful.

“Success can be achieved by sheer determination and desperation and not by mere desire.”

Eye opening