Krishna is IT FOLKs’ stress buster

FolkExpress news service

First Published : 29 Jun 2009 08:19:12 AM IST

BANGALORE: More than 1,500 IT professionals and students have registered for ISKCON’s Friends Of Lord Krishna (FOLK) programme.

FOLK is a personality development programme organized by ISKCON Bangalore every Saturday and Sunday. Some of the ancient mind control techniques that were practiced by the ‘rishis’ and ‘munis’, some recently invented techniques and the teachings of Bhagavad-Gita and Bhagavatam are taught in FOLK classes.

One has to attend four levels of training programmes before getting enrolled as a FOLK member. The first level is a two hour programme called Focus and other three levels are called Yoga Retreat, one, two and three. The first and second levels are organized on alternate Sundays and each of them is one complete day programme.

The third level of Yoga Retreat is a two-day programme and one has to spend one night in the temple premises.

Various mind control techniques that enhance one’s concentration and memory are taught in these training programmes.

ISKCON does not charge anything for the first two levels of training, whereas it charges Rs 100 for the third and fourth level of training programmes. The training is open for everyone.

The chief co-ordinator of FOLK, Amithasan Dasa said that many students and professionals were benefiting from FOLK. It has helped them to improve their performance in their respective fields and to lead a content life. “We teach them to regulate food habits and other activities,” he said.

Satyavrata, one of the students of FOLK and a functional consultant in Infosys, said, “It changed my approach to life and has helped me overcome stress. It has also improved my concentration and memory.