Why should we read Scriptures?

Doesn’t it make sense to know the rules of the game before participating in it?

Is it not necessary to know the traffic rules before riding a vehicle?

Is it not necessary to follow the processes (ISO/ CMMI/ Six Sigma etc) to deliver the right product to the customer within the deadline?

Is it not necessary for an employee to know the basic ethics and etiquettes before working in an organization?

If you answered ‘YES’ for any of the above then read further…

Suppose that you are gifted a gadget by your friend. And you and your friend really don’t know what that gadget is all about, how to use it, where to use it, how to operate it. So in that case the only best way or the simplest way to make use of that gadget, to use all its features is to read its product manual once…right…

Same is the case with our life too. Our life is a product. We are really new to this life; every day is new to us.
But where are our Product manuals which can guide us to use the product i.e. life. in a sound manner…or Do we have Product manuals…?
Yes we have…Vedas are the product manuals of human life. There we can find a perfect blueprint of a happy life.

So now one may ask why only Vedas when there are so many self help books to guide us?
In fact those self help books may be helpful up to some extent. But we should not forget that those self help books are written by a person like you and me who is still learning how to handle life.

Only Nikon camera manufacturer will be knowing how Nikon camera will work, how to adjust the settings for the best photo, where the camera will not work etc. So Nikon camera manufacturer will come up with a Product manual having some Do’s and Don’ts to help users to use Nikon camera to its best.
Because Neither Nikon camera itself will know how it works! Nor Canon camera’s product manual can be used for Nikon camera. (Very ridiculous right…) So how can a self help book help us fully?

So your next question will be aren’t Vedas written by man?
No, Vedas are not written by man.
They are ‘apaurusah’ means not man made. They are given by some one who has developed the product called human being (plants, animals etc). They were created right after the creation of the product.

Traffic rules:
Why traffic rules are made by the Govt?
For the welfare of its people
to ensure that there is smooth flow of vehicles. If we don’t follow traffic rules then accidents will increase or we may have to pay fine to the traffic police. Even if we say we were not aware of the rules it will neither avoid accident nor avoid paying the fine to the police.

It means we are already following so many rules made by the Government (which governs a particular state/ country) and unknowingly deriving happiness from it.

Similarly God (who governs the Universe/s and is the owner of universe/s) has made some simple rules for the welfare of His children. So we have to read the Vedas or the Bhagavad-Gita or other bona fide scriptures to derive Unlimited Real Happiness.