Proof that Vedas are not man made

(Even if you are faint-hearted doesn’t matter, please read this article 🙂)

Note: There are other well-defined processes to realize that Vedas are not man made. So it will be quite difficult to understand that Vedas are not man made just by reading the below article but nevertheless this will be thought-provoking for sure.

A scientist will spend almost his life time to come out with one or two inventions/ discoveries that too using trial and error method. Even after that there is no guarantee that his discovery/ invention is absolutely faultless. 😯 (i’m not understating or downplaying scientists, its a fact)

In ‘The Logic of Scientific Discovery’, Karl R. Popper, a great philosopher of Science writes, “I think that we shall have to get accustomed to the idea that we must not look upon science as a ‘body of knowledge’, but rather as a system of hypotheses, or as a system of guesses or anticipations that in principle cannot be justified, but with which we work as long as they stand up to tests, and of which we are never justified in saying that we know they are ‘true’.”

In the words of scientists themselves, empirical modern science is “belief”, involves “trial-and-error”, consists of data that are “erroneous, misleading and inadequate” and is to be looked upon as “a system of guesses”.

Few Eg:

  • Geo centric model said that Earth is the center of Universe.
  • Theory of Evolution by Darwin is now disproved and now it’s out of text books.
  • Previously modern science said that there are 9 planets in our solar system but now it is saying only 8 planets.
  • So many satellites launched by man have failed but moon the natural satellite is perfectly working from time immemorial.

Books written by a man keep changing/ updating because of lack of perfection, they will have 1st, 2nd, 3rd edition etc that is not the case with Vedas.

Vedas are the same Vedas from the time immemorial.

So is the quote ‘to err is human’. (The 4 defects of living entities according to Vedas will be discussed later)

The word “VEDA” means Knowledge. Vedas, the huge collection of knowledge include not only religious and spiritual knowledge,but also that of some of the branches known to modern science such as Architecture, Avionics, Astrobiology, Astronomy, Atomic Physics, Chronometry, Dietetics, Embryology, Gastroenterology, Health Sciences, Metallurgy, Meteorology, Psycho-physiology, Science of warfare, Sociology etc.😯

Just 5000 years ago Vedas were compiled by Vyasa maharishi in the form of writing. But before that Vedas were not written down as the people of those times were so intelligent and had such sharp memories that by once hearing from the spiritual master they would understand them.

The word ऋषि ‘Rishi’ means a seer, from the root dris, to see. So the Rishi is the Mantra-Drashta, a seer of mantra or thought and not Karta, creator. The Rishis saw the truth or heard them. Therefore, the Veda is also called Sruti, that which is ‘heard’ or ‘revealed’. The Rishis are not the authors of the mantras with which their names are associated. They were the seer of the thought, which existed already. The Vedas are called ‘Apurusheya’ meaning ‘not of human origin’.

Following is just a minute glimpse of the timeless Vedas :

  • Using a variety of complicated instruments, gynecologists have gradually come to know how the embryo grows during the period of pregnancy. But Srimad-Bhagavatam, 3rd canto, 31st chapter, gives vivid description of the growth of the embryo in the mother’s womb, exactly in conforming to their findings.
  • The Vedas state that cow dung, in spite of being the stool of an animal, is pure. This was proved to be true in 1940, when its antiseptic properties were discovered.
  • The Vedas have stated since time immemorial that plants have life. But till Jagadish Chandra Bose proved that plants have feelings, scientists believed that they were inanimate.
  • The Kurukshetra war involved many subtle celestial weapons like shabdavedi, vayavya, parthavya etc, which are more sophisticated than the gross weapons known to scientists today.
  • Sanskrit is grammatically the most perfect language and most of the languages of the world are derived from it.
  • Vedic mathematics is the most perfect, easiest and the fastest one. This is the reason why Vedic maths is used by students to crack competitive examinations like CAT, MAT etc. The modern day mathematics is not the most perfect method.
  • The power of Yogasanas, Ayurveda, Meditation is unquestionable till date.
  • Modern science is yet to give a proper definition of the mind, intelligence and ego, their nature and function. But the Vedas explain these in minute detail.
  • Srimad-Bhagavatam, a purana which was written over five thousand years ago has predicted many current trends and events with perfect accuracy.

I suggest you to skim through this link “Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge” where Vedic Knowledge is scientifically verified.

Further today’s International best selling authors and Management Gurus are increasingly borrowing knowledge from the Vedas to cope with the modern-day business management challenges. All the instructions in the Vedas are still applicable to our today’s day to day life.

Modern Science keeps changing as it’s not THE perfect.


Further the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna confirms in Bhagavad-gita ‘vedias ca sarvair aham eva vedyo’ (from Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 15.15)

It means “By all the Vedas, I am known. Indeed I am the compiler of Vedanta, and I am the knower of the Vedas”.

The conclusion is unmistakably obvious: Vedas are coming from THE person who is all knowing, who knows the past, the present, and the future. In other words, the Vedas are the word of God.

(Most of the points discussed above refer to the apara vidya or material knowledge of the Vedic literatures. The Vedas however, are more renowned for their para vidya or spiritual knowledge which is beyond the objective knowledge of modern science. This is the point that we can contemplate upon, why is it that the Vedas which consist of so much of precise material knowledge gave more importance to spiritual knowledge i.e knowledge about understanding of God and the Self and how is it that by following the same processes as recommended in Vedas we can understand God and the Self even today…)

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