The Challenge

Debates are always exciting! Aren’t they?

How about a debate on a topic like existence of God and the soul, which is an all time hot topic!!

Yes, here i am sharing one such heated debate that happened in the year 1977 in public press (The Sunday Times). The debate was between the president of the Sri Lanka branch of the Rationalist Association, an organization especially dedicated to disproving the existence of God and the members of the Sri Lanka branch of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

Picture depicts a Chicken producing eggs and a scientist unable to produce any egg!

You are an atheist or a theist, doesn’t matter; these articles are going to be very interesting and you will enjoy reading them. We can be so much absorbed in reading these that it can be read in one sitting!!

Surely it will enlighten the readers on the subject.

The articles published in The Sunday Times can be downloaded right here: