Well-wishing the well-wishers


On New year’s day, Birthdays, Anniversaries and other special occasions as usual our well-wishers, near and dear ones wish us happiness, health 💐. But that’s just a wish because sorrows, diseases have become inescapable part of life on the contrary.

We don’t wish to get diseased but diseases are coming. (I’m suffering from conjunctivitis while writing this).

We don’t wish to get old, (we always like to look young, we even don’t want others to notice those one or two grey hairs) but still we are getting old day by day.

Lastly death, we don’t want to even hear or utter the word death but death is still so inescapable (As per survey done in 2011, more than 6000 people die every hour). No doctor or scientist or government is able to stop  the cruel death🔴.

So all these:

➡ Diseases

➡ Old age and

➡ Death

are so inevitable. WHY? Do we have a solution for these? Yes we have🔑. Just like when a new product is released to the market along with that its user manual will be given to use the product safe and sound. Similarly we have user manuals for our life as well. Scriptures are the user manuals for life. Scriptures reveal that all these sufferings (disease, old age, death) are because of our forgetfulness of our relation with God. By reading and following scriptures like Bhagavad-Gita, Bible, Quran etc we will be able to understand ourselves and God better and thus re-develop our pure love for God and live happily, healthily and ETERNALLY.💯

📌 Scriptures point out that intelligence is the one that distinguishes humans from animals and using intelligence humans can understand their sufferings and put a full stop to them. Consider for example an animal like a goat 🐐 which has no sense of its impending death. Although its brother goat is being slaughtered, the goat, being allured by the green grass offered to it, will stand peacefully waiting to be slaughtered 🔪 next. On the other hand, if a human being sees his fellow man being killed by an enemy, he either fights to save his brother or leaves, if possible, to save his own life. That is the difference between a man and a goat.🔆

Give it a serious thought ❗

Further we have a misconception that scriptures are meant for old age. But what’s the use of reading user manual when the product is irreparably damaged ❗

So scriptures are not a spare wheel that we utilize in an emergency, but are actually meant to be the steering wheel of our life.

🚸 So let’s read and follow scriptures and keep all our sufferings at the bay.

👍 I wish all my well-wishers take the first step of reading below books written based on Bhagavad-Gita. I would consider it as the best gift from your side…