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Srila Prabhupada

His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

(Founder-Acharya: International Society for Krishna Consciousness/ the world’s most distinguished teacher of Vedic religion and thought/ the world’s greatest spiritual authority)
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This is not just another sentimental religious blog! It’s an incredible, veracious, unerringly logical, rational, immaculate, penetrating, thought provoking, damn serious, stunning, spotless,  genuine eye-opener… (Phew! enough for the time being…)😉

The greatest power is often simple patience. So please be patient even while going through this blog.

A quick question…

Do you have THE ONE-STOP SOLUTION for keeping the whole world or else your country or else your state…or at least you and your kith and kin happy, peaceful 24/7 permanently without stopping any of your day-to-day activities??? 🙄

Well, I have it; I mean we have it right from the creation of this Universe…


💡Whenever a new product gets released into the market, along with it, its product manual will also be released, so that the product can be used safe and sound.

Our ancient Vedic Scriptures are the product manuals for our life. There we can find the perfect blueprint of a happy life and Bhagavad Gita as-it-is is the gist of those product manuals.

There is an urgent need for us to understand the right meaning of God, Religion and Life. Frankly speaking these are interconnected. Once this is understood, our whole life will turn out to be so simple, easy, blissful and meaningful.

More we read scriptures, more we will get enlightened

In this blog, I will be posting my learnings in terms of spirituality or self help.

Sometimes you may get irritated by some words like religion, spirituality…of course it happened to me also because most of us or all of us have been brought up in such kind of an ambience.

You may (will) not understand or realize everything posted here all of a sudden. Slowly at different phases of your life you may realize them. So keep reading the same posts for better understanding…even I do  the same ! In addition to reading it is strongly recommended to chant the holy names of the God. To learn more about chanting please click here.



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