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What if we had no moon?

What if this bright sphere we are so accustomed to in the sky just weren’t there? How would our planet get by without it? 1. Perhaps the most obvious fallout of an absent… Continue reading

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Proteins Challenge Chance

Proteins are giant molecules consisting of smaller units called “amino acids” that are arranged in a particular sequence in certain quantities and structures. These molecules constitute the building blocks of a living cell.… Continue reading

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The miracle of the cell membrane

In order for a living being to survive, the cell needs to dispose off the waste products and take the nutrients and other products into the cell. This task is carried out by… Continue reading

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Know now_2

Vedic Knowledge and Quantum Mechanics Quantum Mechanics is a theory developed to attempt to describe mechanics or workings of the different quanta of matter and its energies. It deals with the behavior these… Continue reading

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Know now_1

English, the second most spoken language in the world (Mandarin is the most spoken), has more words in it than any other language. It is said that the country name ROME is derived… Continue reading

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