“Even if you know everything, you know nothing, if you don’t know about yourself”

– Socrates, Greek Philosopher.

People recognize me as AVINASH meaning immortal, deathless. I always used to think, how can there be a name like AVINASH as no body can be immortal… 🙄

But today I have literally realized that I and of course you are all AVINASH…yes we are not the temporary body but we are the permanent spirit soul, the eternal part and parcel of God.

Hey hey wait, don’t ever think that I have gone mad or something like that…I am the same old AVINASH, as cool as cucumber, with lots of humor blah blah blah…😉

💡Journey of an agnostic from darkness to light…(MUST READ)

I always have had an immense urge to add more values to my life. So I have consistently read many self help books and even attended some Personality Development programs to unleash the powers within me fully/ easily. Personality Development doesn’t alone mean honing our soft skills but it also refers to making our heart more Pure and Selfless. Some of the books I have peeped into: Unlimited power, Who will cry when you die (my favorite one), Awaken the giant within you, Ignited minds, The monk who sold his Ferrari, Wings of Fire, 7 habits of highly effective people, Discover your destiny, You can win, Who moved my cheese etc.😉

One fine day, I was listening to an FM station. It was announced that in Ramakrishna Ashram (Bangalore) there is some discount on all books on Vivekananda’s Birthday, Jan 12th. So I managed to get handful of books from Ashram. The next few months I spent some time reading Vivekananda’s writings (including Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Sarada Devi). I was taken aback 😯 to see that whatever these well-known Indian personalities have written 100-150 years ago, today’s International best selling authors are almost writing the same. Somewhere in his books, Vivekananda has said, “I have never quoted anything but the Upanishads and Vedas.” I was surprised to read that Upanishads and Vedas have such things.

Luckily, one fine day I came in touch with ISKCON (Bangalore), where personality development programmes were (are) organized for the youth in a more lucid, logical and a scientific manner. Slowly I realized, this was the absolute thing that I was looking for in life; in fact all are looking for…Yes! it was a hit; right on the nail’s head.

Previously I had a misconception that God is just an imagination/ belief to increase our confidence i.e. by praying to God repeatedly we tell it to our mind/ subconscious mind etc or it’s just another technique to abstain people from doing wrong things.

But today I have literally realized that existence of God is the hard core fact, THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH…and by being in association with the God, we will revive our Godly qualities; just like an iron rod kept in fire acts like fire.